Eduard Bohlen : a 100 years on dry ground

Eduard Bohlen

5 Sept 1909 – 5 Sept 2009

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The Namib is one of the greatest and most unique natural creations on earth. It is the world’s smallest desert, but also the oldest (80 million years) with the highest dunes offering an exceptional ecology. The coastline of the Namib is harsh and often referred to as the Skeleton Coast. One of the many skeletons along this coastline is the well-known wreck of the Eduard Bohlen.

On 5 September 1909 the Eduard Bohlen, a 2 272 ton passenger / cargo ship, was on a voyage from
Swakopmund to Table Bay. On the day the sea and coast was covered in thick fog. The 310.6 ft ship lost its way and ran aground at Conception Bay about 150 km from Swakopmund. On 5 September 2009, exactly a century ago, this tragic drama occurred. The wreck of the Eduard Bohlen is a desert icon and one of the most photographed shipwrecks.

At Live the Journey we believe: “touring should be a life-enriching experience”. With this in mind we have planned a unique trip to commemorate the Eduard Bohlen’s 100th year on dry ground. A special 4 x 4 overland trip through concession areas and the Sperrgebiet was designed to ensure that you will be able to lift your glasses in the shade of the Eduard Bohlen on 5 Sept 2009 and to let your imagination run freely on what happened on the doomed day. We would also like to hear your theory on why the shipwreck is nearly 800 meter from the coast.

Join this overland 4 x 4 expedition … a once in a lifetime experience:
03 September 2009: Depart from Walvis Bay
07 September 2009: Arrive back in Walvis Bay
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