Under Canvas in the Namib

Please note: Only available for private groups

Under Canvas in the Namib

Do you believe that travel should be about more than “just looking” – and that every journey should be a life-enriching experience? Do you yearn to go off-thebeaten- track and experience unspoilt nature? If you answered YES, then you MUST experience the Namib.

A world of infinite horizons, dramatic vistas and fascinating flora and fauna awaits you.

The Namib is approximately 80 million years old … the world’s oldest desert with the highest sand dunes. It is visually stunning with its monumentally high dunes. The massive star-shaped sand mountains is a sought after topic for many artists and photographers. It is a living desert that is home to unique plant and animal life that have adapted over centuries to survive in the harsh conditions.

On this overnight excursion you will experience the vastness, silence, magnificent views and spicy colours of the desert. The Namib will bewitch you and your experience and memories will be nothing less than awe-some and everlasting.

An amazing expedition in a desert of much more than sand awaits you!

To make a booking for this special experience, please contact:
Live the Journey on t
+27 (0)21 912 1411, f +27 (0)21 912 4099, e info@livethejourney.co.za


Day 1: Arrive Walvis Bay

Plan your itinerary to arrive around 11:00 in Walvis Bay. Meet the guides who will provide a briefing of what to expect on this trip. Enjoy lunch and get closer acquainted with the other tour members. Board the safari bus, sit back and enjoy the thrill of dune driving and sand vistas.

Your destination is Sandvis camp near Sandwich Harbour. Sandwich Harbour is approximately 48 kms from Walvis Bay. It is a reed-fringed lagoon at the foot of towering ivory colour sand dunes.

Upon arrival your camp in the desert will await you. Make yourself comfortable and settle in. In no time the campfire will be crackling and the aroma of a special meal in the desert will fill the air. There is just something indescribable about a desert night.

O/N Sandvis Camp (lunch, dinner)

Under Canvas in the Namib itinerary

Day 2: Return Walvis Bay

Wake-up and enjoy a scrumptious desert breakfast.

Depart back to Walvis Bay. Enjoy the magnificent views of Sandwich Harbour. The lagoon is fed by fresh water seeping from an inland aquifer. It is a paradise for large numbers of coastal and freshwater birds.

Also be on the lookout for interesting little creatures that have adapted to survive in the dunes. Try to find a fog-basking beetle or a shovel-snouted lizard. The guides will enlighten you on their survival skills.

The trail enters the ‘Roller Coaster’, a series of massive ‘roaring’ slip faces, not only giving you a new thrilling experience but also offering breathtaking views of a panorama of Sandscapes en route to Walvis. Upon arrival you will enjoy lunch and say your good-bye’s to the new friends made during an adventure of a life time. (breakfast, lunch)


We supply:

  • Transport and guides
  • Accommodation in tents
  • Toilet and shower facilities at the camp.
  • Beds and bedding
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Meals (Only Tea/Coffee and fruit juices supplied with meals)
  • Camp chair and table

All you need:

  • Own snacks & refreshments (alcoholic beverages, cool drinks etc.)
  • Torch & batteries
  • Camera (extra films & battery)
  • Sunglasses & sun tan lotion
  • Clothing (very hot and very cold), toiletries & towels.
  • Prescribed medicine

Insurance and medical evacuation

In case of a motor vehicle accident your medical evacuation is included in the price. You need your own travel insurance and medical evacuation service in case of a hart attack or any other medical emergency etc. Please supply detail of this information that we know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Emergency Contact number

Should anybody wishes to contact you whilst on the trip – we will be out of range of any cell phone reception or normal telephone services. We will however be in regular contact with our office in Walvis Bay. Anybody that needs to get hold of you urgently should contact our office + 264 64 220 571. We will then return the call soonest.